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Welcome to Duolook Media blog. I write about my professional life, share intersting facts. You will find tricks and tips, trends and my recommendations. My name is Jaroslaw Marciuk and people call me Jaro. Can`t wait for your comments below blog posts.

make instagram instagram again

Make Instagram Instagram Again

Have you heard of the Make Instagram Instagram Again protest? Many users of Instagram protest against recent updates of the…
linkedin eventprofs

LinkedIn for #eventprofs

I have been writing my Duolook Media blog in English for almost 2 years and in Polish on for…
eventprofs stand with ukraince

Eventprofs stand with Ukraine

At the time of writing this article (February 27th), the invasion of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine…

I owe you one explonation. Who am I? This is my headline on LinkedIn profile:

B2B Influencer Marketing | Journalist & Eventprofs | Instagram Community | Social Media Strategy | Speaker & Online Workshops.

It sounds a bit complicated, but is not. I am just passionate about many topics.

I describe myself as pro-active professional who specialises in meetings & events industry, travel & digital marketing. 20 years of experience in tourism & sales. I have a genuine interest in technology & e-marketing trends. Mobile photography & Instagram communities propagator, highlighting the importance of social media & its use in travel & personal branding.

I believe that social media is maybe a threat, and also a real help in connecting people and building long-lasting relationships. I wouldn`t call my self MICE vlogger, rather MICE blogger. Some people think I am an influencer. I would love to inspire people and help to change their lives. You will find here news, my opinons from the MICE industry, tourism, hotels and travel.

Call me Jaro, would be easier to remember and when we finally meet in person (at IMEX, IBTM World, or any other MICE event) you will remember my name. Hopefully 😉

Read my blog and call me Jaro

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