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Saving one day every week” is marketing slogan of Clickup, which is one of the most powerful task and project management apps. I wanted to share with you tools that can help MICE professionals plan projects, create content for social media and monitor the internet. I hope that using them will help you save your precious time. Who knows, maybe it will even be one extra day a week.

Save one day every week!

Planning tasks

Good planning and task management are the basics of an event manager’s job. For some people, a calendar or other more traditional methods are enough. I use online tools, including Clickup. I don’t want to elaborate on the multitude of functions it offers, you can check it yourselves. However, I really appreciate the possibility to use Clickup app on a smartphone. It allows me to easily manage tasks, delegate and monitor the status of projects. Additionally, after creating a task with one click, I can monitor how much time it takes me in real time, which allows me to better plan similar tasks in the future.

Other similar tools in this category include Trello, Asana, Monday.

Designing visual content

Designing graphic materials has become even easier and faster with online tools such as Canva. I use the entire Adobe suite, but it is Canva that saves me time in creating graphics, presentations, offers and even short videos for social media posts. You can even use Canva to design a rollup and and prepare a calendar for publishing on social media profiles. I edit about half of my projects on my smartphone or tablet while on the move, without having to turn on my computer. A perfect tool for MICE blogger and MICE vlogger.

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Other similar tools include PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, Crello, Visme.

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Social Media Scheduling

Platforms` internal tools

While we’re on the subject of planning social media in the MICE industry. It’s definitely worth mentioning Facebook’s Creator Studio free tool for starters. It’s a veritable combo for planning the publication of posts, photos, videos on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, thanks to it, you can monitor comments and analyse data on the effectiveness of your activities on these two important social media channels.

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Another internal and free tool that is worth using in publishing videos on Youtube is Youtube Studio. Nothing annoys me more when I see, a tourist organisation publishing 10 promotional videos simultaneously on Youtube in one hour. With Youtube Studio you can plan it and spread in time, additionally you can use the option to premiere the video. On YouTube, there is also an option to edit automatically generated subtitles, which is important in terms of adapting content for people with disabilities. What is also important you can analyse stats. Youtube has delivered a perfect tool for its content creators, including MICE vloggers.

Advanced scheduling

More advanced tools are Kontentino or similar Hootsuite or Agorapulse. These online tools allow you to manage different profiles on multiple social media from one place. In addition to creating a publication calendar, it is also possible to work in a group (within the company or with the client). One person creates the content, another has the possibility to edit and make corrections and the third peson finally accepts the posts for publication. You can plan the whole month in an efficient and convenient way. I use Kontentino on a daily basis.

Transforming audio content

Recently, one of my favourite tools is Wavve. It allows you to create animated videos from audio files and podcasts. Studies show that people not only listen to podcasts on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, but they also listen to them on Youtube. Not only does Wavve add animation to the audio, but thanks to the built-in Zubtitle app, it is possible to transcribe the broadcast into English text, also into many other languages. It makes your videos more friendly and inclusive.

An equally useful tool helping to easily convert voice memos to text is In this way, you can “write” blog posts, articles or e-mails to business partners. You should try out

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Social media listening

Even if we are not active on the Internet, people still talk about us, share opinions or search for information. Tools such as Brand24 allow us to monitor websites, social media, internet forums, podcasts, in which a keyword appears. It can be the name of your company, your competition or any phrase that interests us, e.g. #eventprofs or #ibtmworld. Brand24 is my go to platform for social media listening.

Free, but less advanced substitute can be Google Alerts.

Evaluating influence of eventprofs

Finally, I would like to mention two tools that I also use on a daily basis in my work. The first are Ubersuggest for website evaluation (SEO and other important factors) and Upfluence for social media profile evaluation (for MICE influencers, MICE bloggers and MICE vloggers). Both have an extension for the Google Chrome browser and with one click I can pre-evaluate a website or an influencer’s profile on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

The basic versions of Ubersuggest and Upfluence are free of charge.


Please let me know which tools you have already used and which you would like to try out:

  • Clickup
  • Canva
  • Facebook Creator Studio
  • Youtube Studio
  • Kontentino
  • Agorapulse
  • Wavve
  • Brand24
  • Google Alerts
  • Upfluence
  • Ubersuggest

Thank you for your time eventprofs and content creators in the MICE industry.

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