How to write a perfect post on LinkedIn from an event?

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Are you planning to attend an event and create a LinkedIn post about it? If yes, crafting a compelling LinkedIn post after attending an event can help establish you as a thought leader in your industry and provide value to your network.

To do so, it’s important to prepare before the event and take note of interesting insights or information learned during panel discussions. Adding visuals and unique value to your post, such as your personal take on the event or recommendations based on what you learned, can help you stand out and increase engagement.

Doing homework before an event always pays off

To create a great post on LinkedIn, it’s worth preparing before attending the event. You can start drafting the post in advance, and then enrich it with photos, videos, or interesting quotes on the spot before publishing it.

Preparing before an event can make a big difference in the quality of your post. Here are the tips on how to prepare before the event:

  1. Research the event: Before attending the event, it’s important to do your research. Look up the agenda and the list of events and speakers to get a sense of what topics will be covered. This will help you identify the key takeaways that you can share in your post.
  2. Check social media and hashtags: Do your homework, and check all social media profiles the organiser of the event manages. In most cases, it will be LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, additionally Youtube, Facebook and more often TikTok. Take a look at shared content and what hashtags are used.
  3. Set your goals: Think about what you want to achieve from attending the event. Do you want to network with other professionals? Do you want to learn about the latest trends in your industry? What kind of content will you create – texts, photos or videos? Setting clear goals will help you focus on what’s important during the event.
  4. Plan your schedule: Look at the event calendar and create a schedule for the event, including the sessions you want to attend, the people you want to meet, and the activities you want to participate in. Having a plan in place will help you make the most of your time and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important.
  5. Prepare your equipment: Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for the event, such as a smartphone (usually, I take two – the iPhone and Android smartphone), iPad or laptop, headphones, charger and even traditional notebooks and pens can help. You may also want to bring a portable charger in case your smartphone battery runs low.

By preparing before the event, you can ensure that you make the most of your time and have valuable insights and experiences to share in your post.

Share interesting insights or information you learned during panel discussions

Attending an event can provide a wealth of valuable insights and information, and as a LinkedIn user, it’s essential to share those insights with your network. One way to do this is by sharing interesting tidbits or quotes from panel discussions, keynote speeches, or other presentations.

When attending an event, take notes or record audio of the sessions you attend. This will help you remember key points and quotes that you can include in your post. Make sure to give credit to the speaker or source of the information you are sharing, and be sure to add your own commentary or thoughts to the post. Quote experts and panellists, this always look great and give value to your community.

Sharing data or case studies from the event is also a great way to add value to your post. If the event includes presentations or discussions on specific topics, make sure to take note of any relevant data or statistics. You can then incorporate this data into your post, along with your thoughts on what it means or why it’s significant.

Overall, the key is to share insights or information that you found valuable or interesting. This will help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and provide value to your network.

Remember to add one or more images to your post

Visuals can help make your post more engaging and eye-catching. Adding one or more images to your post can help it stand out in the LinkedIn feed and attract more views and engagement. When selecting images, try to choose ones that are relevant to your post and will capture the attention of your audience.

If you’re attending an event, take advantage of the opportunity to capture some great and unique photos. Consider taking selfies or group photos with other attendees or presenters, or snap pictures of interesting visuals, such as stands or displays. If you’re attending a presentation or panel discussion, take photos of the speakers or the stage setup.

In addition to photos, you can also include other types of visual content, such as video. For example, you could create a short video highlighting key takeaways from the event or create an infographic summarizing important data or insights shared during a presentation.

Incorporating visuals into your post can help it stand out and make it more memorable for your audience. Just make sure that the visuals you choose are high-quality and relevant to your post.

Add unique value to your post

When sharing your experience from the event, it’s important to add your unique perspective to the post. Don’t just regurgitate the information you learned, but share your own opinions and emotions about it.

  • Did something, in particular, resonate with you?
  • Did you have a strong reaction to something someone said?
  • Did you gain new insights that you want to share with others?

Including your own perspective will make your post more engaging and authentic.

For example, if you attended a panel discussion at IMEX in Frankfurt 2023 on the future of the meetings industry, don’t just summarize what the panellists said. Share your own thoughts on the topic, and perhaps even pose a question to your network to spark a conversation.

You can also offer your own recommendations based on what you learned at the event. If you discovered a new tool or strategy that you think others could benefit from, share it in your post.

Adding unique value to your post will help you stand out from other attendees who may be sharing similar information. Your network will appreciate your personal take on the event and may be more likely to engage with your post as a result.

Mention people you met and share the story

When you attend an event, you have the opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry. Sharing your experience of meeting new people and the insights you gained from those interactions can add a personal touch to your post. For example, you could mention the name of the person you met, their role or company, and what you discussed with them. Sharing a story about how you connected with someone can also be a great way to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Additionally, if you met someone at the event who you plan to work with in the future, mentioning your shared plans or goals can be a great way to connect with your audience and showcase your expertise in the industry. For instance, if you are both working on a similar project or interested in collaborating in the future, sharing that information can help build relationships and foster new connections.

By including these personal anecdotes, you are making your post more relatable to your audience, and showcasing yourself as a proactive, engaged and collaborative professional in your industry.

Only relevant hashtags and people tagged

If you did your homework, add 3-5 relevant hashtags to the post:

  • event hashtag, for example #IMEX23, #IBTM
  • industry hashtag, for example #eventprofs, #meetingplanner, #associations
  • your own hashtag
  • and/or other hashtags related to the post content

Hashtags are essential for increasing the visibility of your post on LinkedIn. By using relevant hashtags, you can ensure that your post reaches people who are interested in the topic. However, it’s important not to overdo it with hashtags, as too many hashtags can make your post look spammy.

The use of hashtags and tagging relevant people or brands also play a role in the LinkedIn algorithm. When you use hashtags in your post, LinkedIn can categorize your post under those hashtags and show it to people who follow those hashtags. Similarly, when you tag relevant people or brands, LinkedIn can show your post to their followers as well.

It’s also important to tag only relevant people or brands mentioned in the post, as tagging irrelevant people or brands can be seen as spam and may result in negative consequences for your post.

However, it’s worth noting that the LinkedIn algorithm is complex and takes many factors into consideration when determining which posts to show to which users. The algorithm looks at engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares, as well as the relevance of the post to the user, the user’s past behaviour on the platform, and more.

Therefore, while using hashtags and tagging relevant people or brands can certainly help increase the visibility of your post, it’s not a guarantee that your post will perform well. Other factors such as the quality of your content, the timing of your post, and your engagement with your audience also play important roles in the success of your post on LinkedIn.

Call to Action

Adding a call to action (CTA) at the end of your post is an effective way to engage your audience and encourage them to take action. A CTA could be as simple as asking a question to start a discussion in the comments, or it could be a more direct request for readers to take a specific action, such as sharing the post with their network or following your company page.

The key to a successful CTA is to make it clear and relevant to the content of your post. It should also be actionable and provide value to the reader. For example, if your post is about a new industry trend, you could ask readers for their thoughts and experiences with the trend, and encourage them to share their insights in the comments.

It’s also important to consider how algorithms on social media platforms like LinkedIn work. LinkedIn’s algorithm uses engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares to determine the relevance and visibility of a post in a user’s feed. By including a CTA that encourages engagement, you can increase the likelihood of your post being seen by more people.


Overall, a well-crafted post with nice visuals, a clear CTA and relevant hashtags can help increase engagement and visibility on LinkedIn, leading to more opportunities for networking, building your personal brand, and promoting your business or organization.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to keep the post concise, engaging, and professional. Use a catchy headline to grab the reader’s attention, and make sure the post is well-structured, easy to read, and error-free.

Remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so avoid controversial or inappropriate topics, and keep the tone of the post professional and respectful. If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a perfect post on LinkedIn after attending an event!

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Good luck!

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