IMEX Frankfurt 2024 Social Media Listening Report


As promised, I present an in-depth article that delves into the world of social media communication during IMEX 2024, held in Frankfurt, Germany. This comprehensive report not only highlights the pivotal role of social media and digital marketing in shaping the event’s narrative but also offers valuable insights into the strategies, trends, and conversations that took center stage during this renowned gathering of MICE industry professionals. There is a big surprise at the very end of the article, so don`t miss out.


Utilizing the social media listening tool Brand24, the report delves into the #IMEX24 (the official hashtag of the event) and additional related IMEX Frankfurt phrases used on the internet from April 21st to May 30th, 2024.

Choosing this range of time gives a pre-, during, and post-event spectrum of digital marketing listening and allows for the evaluation of all actions by involved parties in online communication.

Please note that the report includes monitoring of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, podcasts, and websites.

The infographic provides a snapshot, but for more detailed data, simply email me at for more details.

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#IMEX24 Frankfurt summary

More than 2 500 mentions have been collected in the IMEX24 project. Most of the mentions come from social media, specifically Instagram. Most of the mentions are neutral, but we’re happy to announce from ones with the sentiment detected, most of them are positive. There is a strong presence of admiration and emotion detected among your mentions, specifically on Instagram.

Generated reach is generally neutral, but positive reach is 43,11 times higher than negative one. What comes with no surprise, dominant neutral mentions generate also neutral reach. News category has a superior impact on reach.

Discussion among IMEX24 was divided into several topics, the most notable ones were “European Tourism Promotion”, “IMEX Event Insights” and “Regional Showcases”. The most positive topic was about “IMEX Frankfurt Highlights”.


Some of the other noticeable topics according to Topic Analysis were: Liberty Tourism, Global Event Strategies, Educational Impact, African MICE at IMEX, Polish Tourism, ICCA Activities, MICE Industry Rankings, and more.

IMEX Frankfurt 2024 in big numbers

  • 2,566 Mentions
  • 1,918 Social media mentions
  • 48 Non-social mentions
  • 1,758,169 Estimated social media reach
  • 1,656,691 Non-social reach
  • 24,835 Social media interactions
  • 1,887 User-generated content
  • 23,616 Social media likes
  • 113 Videos including TikTok
  • 988 (99.3%) Positive mentions
  • 7 (0.7%) Negative mentions
  • $244.42k AVE


Social media mentions and reach

Most of the mentions come from social media, specifically Instagram.

  • X (Twitter) – 462
  • Instagram – 1123
  • Facebook – 137
  • TikTok – 46
  • Videos – 67
  • News – 561
  • Podcasts – 15
  • Blogs – 36
  • Web – 118

IMEX social media instagram

With no surprise this year, Instagram emerged victorious over X (Twitter) in social media mentions for the next time at IMEX Frankfurt, but this time with more than two times more the content generated and published. Furthermore, the report documented more than 40 TikToks, marking the highest number to date.

Strategic Fusion: How E-Marketing Enhances Trade Show Impact

20 of the most active public profiles

The compilation showcases the top 20 highly active public profiles. It includes social media handles, followed by their respective follower counts and the total number of mentions.

Profile NameSiteMentionsFollowersVoice ShareInfluence
liberty_itgX (Twitter)424827.371129,592
JaroslawMarciukX (Twitter)193,7201.69829,852
PolandCvBX (Twitter)144440.77113,564
IMEX GroupYoutube13N/A0.041719
Poland ConventionBureauFacebook121,6440.1282,243
IMEX_GroupX (Twitter)932,9112.18938,481
TTW_ezineX (Twitter)83,7750.3255,706
KONGRES MAGAZINEYoutube71180.022380
MyCEBX (Twitter)79320.037650
London_CVBX (Twitter)710,4120.4397,721
HAPCO_MarketingX (Twitter)74620.1302,284
Tree-Fan EventsYoutube62,1600.00346
ThailandCVBX (Twitter)62,3110.4117,231
FinlandFCBX (Twitter)61,0460.84214,804
EncoreEMEAX (Twitter)64,0070.2103,700
Travel And Tour WorldYoutube52,9400.00463
travel2latamX (Twitter)52,5990.2033,577
themiceblogX (Twitter)58,3580.57310,071

20 the most influential public profiles

Discover the powerhouses shaping the digital narrative at IMEX Frankfurt: the top 20 influential public profiles. With their commanding presence and extensive engagement across diverse social platforms, these profiles are pivotal players in shaping the digital landscape of the event in Frankfurt.

Profile nameSiteInfluenceInfluencer ScoreMentionsFollowersVoice Share
liberty_itgX (Twitter)129,5924/10424827.371
BoletinViajesX (Twitter)76,11710/1031,268,5284.329
501AwaniX (Twitter)70,09210/1013,504,6273.987
IMEX_GroupX (Twitter)38,4818/10932,9112.189
marcaPERUX (Twitter)31,96310/101799,0891.818
RCBrwandaX (Twitter)31,2008/10314,0101.775
JaroslawMarciukX (Twitter)29,8527/10193,7201.698
ICCAWorldX (Twitter)21,4418/10520,4601.220
FinlandFCBX (Twitter)14,8046/1061,0460.842
PolandCvBX (Twitter)13,5644/10144440.771
TourismIrelandX (Twitter)13,48110/102125,6200.767
EventsFactoryRWX (Twitter)13,3615/1036200.760
cventX (Twitter)11,8238/10343,7870.672
VisitScotBEX (Twitter)11,2008/10513,8260.637
BeritaJakartaX (Twitter)10,14910/101202,9900.577
theMICEblogX (Twitter)10 0717/1058,3580.573

Trending hashtags at IMEX

Explore the trending hashtags dominating social media platforms, with a particular focus on the top hashtags, #imexfrankfurt and #imex24. Uncover the most frequently utilized hashtags among the vibrant community of event professionals.


Emoji Analysis

One of my favourites in social media listening is Emoji Analysis. Here you can see the emotional context of the IMEX discussion.



Behind the IMEX social media scenes

I stumbled upon an engaging post-event podcast conversation thanks to Brand24 while creating this report. It features Suzanne Mulligan and Sophie Pink (IMEX Social Media Team) in the #IMEX #DESIGNtoCHANGE PODcast ONstage With Ruud Janssen.


Their discussion dives into the world of social media in the events industry and provides intriguing behind-the-scenes insights. What makes it truly enjoyable are the amusing stories. I highly recommend giving it a listen! This is a must for digital marketing and social media people in the MICE industry. Want to see the video version? Check out Event Design Collective Vimeo.

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