IMEX Frankfurt 2024 Takeaways on Innovation and Inspiration


IMEX Frankfurt 2024 was a melting pot of innovation and inspiration, where industry leaders gathered to explore the latest trends and developments shaping the future of events. From the pulsating rhythms of Norway’s captivating happy hour to the electrifying countdown to Euro 2024 at Germany’s booth, each experience left a lasting impression.

Let’s delve into my key takeaways from this dynamic event, where creativity collided with cutting-edge technology to redefine the landscape of the meetings and events industry.

1. King and Queen of Music

Music is a driving force behind events, playing a crucial role at gatherings, including IMEX Frankfurt. We can all agree that Norway hosts the best happy hour at their booth in Messe Frankfurt. Although their slogan is “Norway, Powered by Nature,” for one hour it was undeniably “Norway, Powered by Music,” further energized by the participants. This time, even without ice and gloves, the atmosphere was exceptional. There is only one king, DJ Fox – Arve Lindgren from Bergen Convention Bureau.


In 2024 Arve Lindgren once again performed in a duet with Brian AllanRock Your Events. DJ Fox mixed while Brian sang with the attendees.


The king ruled on Wednesday evening, but the queen of the mornings was Basia Giewont. Every day from 9:00 to 10:00 am, her captivating voice could be heard in the Galeria Messe Frankfurt between Halls 8 and 9.


These concerts, known as Musical Mornings, were organized by the Polish Tourist Organisation – Poland Convention Bureau. Will we hear Basia Giewont again next year?

2. Sport and MICE

Sporting events are a significant aspect of the meetings industry. At IMEX, France promoted the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, while the theme of Germany’s booth was Euro 2024.

The Düsseldorf Convention Bureau stand featured a giant trophy with a countdown clock showing the time remaining until the European Football Championship, revealing that less than a month remained until this major event.


The championship matches will be held in stadiums across 10 German cities: Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, and Stuttgart.

As previous championships have shown, football acts as a catalyst for events even after the games have concluded. This will be a very fruitful time for Germany.

3. Alcohol-free Options at Events

We stay in Germany for another reason. I attended a networking event at the Region Stuttgart Convention Bureau stand, titled “Stuttgart Wine Experience – Wine O`clock.” This destination is following trends in our industry by introducing alcohol-free wines. Three different types of dealcoholized organic wines were served:

imex-frankfurt-stutgart-convention-bureau-non-alcoholic-wines-events-Karina Gruetzner

Thank you, Karina Grutzner (Stuttgart Convention Bureau), for presenting these alcohol-free organic wines. This is a great example of how such options can and should be offered to participants during events.

I attended this meeting thanks to Irina Graf and Sina Bunte as part of our regular IMEX Meetup of Content Creators.

IMEX Frankfurt 2024 Social Media Listening Report

4. Development of MICE Industry Media

Leading MICE media were well represented at IMEX, with visible booths throughout the fair. Some have significantly expanded their teams, such as Headquarters Magazine. It’s always nice to exchange a few words in Polish with Vivian Xu.


Meanwhile, Mash Media Group, publisher of Exhibition World and Conference and Meetings World, brought a team of three responsible for creating digital content, event coverage, and interview recordings. Thank you, Paul Colston, for interviewing me.


Another edition of Ljubljana Talks took place, during which Jan Oršič from Ljubljana Convention Bureau and Gorazd Čad from Kongres Magazine conducted interviews with industry leaders.


To provide engaging and up-to-date content, media and journalists must continuously learn, acquire new skills, and implement new formats. I always pay attention to this when choosing media for collaborations and campaigns.

5. Immersive Booths and Experiences

Toronto Convention Bureau invited attendees to their immersive booth, #MeetinToronto, where selected films showcasing the city were displayed. This took place in a dynamic and visually appealing form inside a black cube.


In the booth presented by Sensiks and Immersia, participants could experience films with multiple senses. Various films were available, including very relaxing ones, and after putting on a mask and goggles and closing the booth, one could literally “drift away,” feeling scents, cold or warmth, hearing the wind, and seeing rushing images. After such a session, many participants reached for a glass of water.

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6. ARHT Holograms – Encore’s Installation Stole the Show

A heartfelt thank you to Encore for providing the most amusing experience at this year’s fair. The combination of humour and hologram technology was a hit. Thanks to ARHT‘s technology, we could transform into cartoon versions of ourselves.


Who had the chance to try it?

7. IMEX Design and Digital Marketing

The IMEX Group’s introduction of new branding last year marked a significant milestone, continuing its tradition of outstanding digital marketing efforts. To witness their creative prowess, check out the dynamic Reels on Instagram, expertly crafted by Suzanne Medcalf Mulligan and her talented team.


Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie


Post udostępniony przez IMEX Group (@imex_group)

These Reels are not only engaging but also exemplify the innovative spirit of IMEX.


Additionally, don’t forget to shout out in the comments who captured the iconic photo featuring the giant IMEX letters in the Galleria. Your engagement and recognition add to the vibrant community IMEX is building online.


8. The Very Special MC Maciej Kautz

In conclusion, I want to highlight a Polish accent that fills me with immense pride. Maciej Kautz from Poland served as the moderator for meetings and discussion panels during the educational sessions in Hall 9. I wish you continued success in your career as an MC at international events. IMEX undoubtedly serves as an excellent reference.

maciej kautz MCE events IMEX

9. Social Media Listening Report

What would social media be without the ability to measure it? It’s the joy of creation and the magic of reporting. As every year, I am preparing the IMEX Frankfurt Quick & Sweet Social Media Report. This time, I am using the latest AI functionalities offered by Brand24. Stay tuned…


From the mesmerizing musical performances to the unveiling of alcohol-free options and immersive experiences, each aspect of the IMEX Frankfurt 2024 offered valuable insights and opportunities for industry professionals.

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