New Trends in Tourism Conference 2023 in Gdansk

New Trends in Tourism Gdansk Conference

I am returning by train from Gdańsk to Warsaw and I keep thinking about Friday’s conference on New Trends in Tourism. It is currently one of the most important events in Poland for people professionally involved in tourism and marketing.

What surprised me, what I learned, what I will use in my professional life, and who else I would like to talk to or exchange observations with. I am looking at photos, notes, and recorded short movies on Instagram Stories and TikTok, and listening to the recorded lectures of this year’s experts. It was a very inspiring day!

Speakers and Experts

Invited experts from various fields presented topics related to analyzing customer experiences and emotions in the tourism industry, place marketing, experiential tourism (including culinary), and sustainable tourism.

Speakers and Experts

In particular, I thank them:

  • Jan Zając for pointing out the direction and potential for the tourism industry in e-marketing activities. Sotrender is a tool that the industry should definitely use more often.
  • Janina Bąk, known as Janina Daily, for her sense of humour and for familiarizing us with statistics, as well as interesting case studies on Lufthansa and Arche Hotels. Statistics don’t have to be boring if presented properly and, most importantly, the data is interpreted correctly.
  • Katarzyna Nałysz-Safuryn for sharing wonderful data on tourist visits to the city of Gdańsk. The year 2022 was a record year for Gdańsk tourism. The city was visited by over 3.7 million people.
  • Adam Kałucki from Locativo for presenting us with analyses of Polish city brands and Switzerland. Here`s the answer to Adam`s question – for me, the new Poland is a woman and Iga Świątek (not Robert Lewandowski)
  • Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolałek @Kuchniokacja for inspiring us with examples from Slovenia and Finland. Polish regions deserve the title of European Region of Gastronomy (Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism – IGCAT).
  • Dorota Woźniczka from Tigers Agency for advice on planning marketing communication for events.
  • Mariusz Czepczyński, prof. of the University of Gdańsk, for reminding us of the 17 sustainable development goals and pointing out bleisure as an important tourism trend.
  • Wojciech Modest Amaro for his film, 60 thousand kilometres, hypnotizing calm from the woven story of passion. During this presentation, photos really weren’t necessary, those who were there know.
  • Piotr Kosek from Astrofaza for giving us hope that we will fly into space as tourists during our lifetime. Those who didn’t make it to this presentation, regret it.
  • Michał Zalewski #dobrzepowiedziane for professionally leading the entire event and handling the situation when suddenly half of the room wanted a photo with the unexpected guest, Lech Wałęsa.

Gdansk confence

Read also:

I miss Blog Forum Gdańsk and dare to say that New Trends in Tourism, although slightly different, is a worthy replacement for that event.

@callmejaro New Trends in Tourism Conference in Gdansk #ntt23 #eventprofs #poland #gdansk #visitgdansk #gdanskcb #polandcvb #conventionbureau #ilovegdn #events 🔸 W Gdańsku brałem udział w konferencji Nowe Trendy w Turystyce 2023, zorganizowanej przez Gdańską Organizację Turystyczną (Visit Gdansk & Gdansk Convention Bureau). Eksperci z różnych dziedzin, tacy jak Janina Bąk, Jan Zajac, Katarzyna Nałysz-Safuryn, Adam Kałucki, Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolałek, Mariusz Czepczyński, Dorota Woźniczka, Wojciech Modest Amaro i Piotr Kosek, przedstawiali tematy związane z analizowaniem doświadczeń i emocji klientów w branży turystycznej, marketingiem miejsc, turystyką doświadczeń (w tym kulinarną) oraz zrównoważoną turystyką. Dziękujemy za świetne prowadzenie Michal Zalewski Zobaczcie video z Europejskiego Centrum Solidarności w Gdańsku #newtrendsintourism #nowetrendywturystyce #turystyka #tourism #poland #visitpoland #culinarytravel #visiteurope #sustainableevents #konferencja #conference #pomorskie #tiktokpolska Dziękuję za zaproszenie, emocje, wiedzę i rozmowy. Do zobaczenia za rok. @Visit Gdansk @Miasto Gdańsk @Poland Convention Bureau @European Travel Comm @JaninaDaily ♬ Suns – Official Sound Studio

We still struggle with hashtags in tourism

As almost always before attending a conference or trade show, I launch a report in Brand24 and enter key phrases related to that event into monitoring. Despite numerous messages from the conference organizers, both online and during the event, I still sadly observe that in Poland, participants are reluctant or incorrectly using hashtags.

The conference hashtag is #NTT23, in addition to #VisitGdansk and #GdanskCB.

Why does it work at trade shows abroad (IMEX Frankfurt, IBTM Barcelona, WTM London) or other industry events in Poland, but not in Polish tourism? I still don’t understand, but I hope it will change unless Elon Musk’s new Twitter falls faster.

#NTT23 #VisitGdansk #GdanskCB Gdansk Convention Bureau

Gdańsk can be proud of its ambassadors

During the New Trends in Tourism conference, I had the opportunity to talk to many employees of the event organizer, the Gdansk Tourist Organization. On a daily basis, they represent the city at tourist information points, are active during organized events, and take care of the city’s image in marketing activities, both in a traditional way and online.

As Łukasz Wysocki mentioned, this conference is the only event of its kind organized by the entire team. Months of preparation culminated in a one-day event at the European Solidarity Centre and an evening event at the Elektryczny Żuraw.

It was there on the stage, in a post-industrial setting, that we saw the Dream Team of the Gdańsk Tourist Organization. Dozens of people barely fit on the stage. There were speeches and applause. Someone from the audience wanted to test Łukasz on his knowledge of the employees’ names. It may seem like a small thing, but the test was passed and we got to know everyone by name. Shortly after the speech, I had the opportunity to talk to the loudest person in the group, and I’ll reveal that I saw a tear of emotion in their eye. It doesn’t surprise me at all because, from my perspective, there is a lot to be proud of. I felt that team spirit throughout the day. Certain things are in the air, these positive fluids were present in Gdańsk all the time, certain things are achieved over the years and have had a great effect. Behind every event are people, every organization or company is a team.

Gdansk Tourist Organisation

My assessment is probably not objective, firstly because I am from Oliwa (a district of Gdańsk) and secondly because I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Gdańsk Tourism Organization (GOT) on various marketing and training projects for many years. Last Friday, after many years, I met the same people we trained with Alicja, and I’m glad they still work here. I also met new employees, congratulations to them.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that there is strength, enthusiasm, professionalism, pride, dedication, and creativity in Gdańsk. Bravo! We can only be glad that such people work in Polish tourism and are the best ambassadors of their hometown, Gdańsk, and the whole of Poland.

About the conference in Gdansk

The organizers of the New Trends in Tourism conference are the Gdansk Tourist Organization and the Gdansk Convention Bureau, with the European Solidarity Center as a co-organizer. The event is under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization (including the Poland Convention Bureau), the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization, and the Mayor of Gdansk.


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