New Year’s resolutions for influencers & content creators in the MICE industry

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As usual, the new year is an opportunity to evaluate the past year and make New Year’s resolutions. We often know how they end, but it’s worth taking on the challenge in 2022. I’d like to encourage you to take specific actions in the area of online marketing. Choose at least one option (social media platform or type of content) and make a digital New Year’s resolution. This digital marketing challenge is for influencers and content creators in the MICE industry and tourism.


First of all, at the beginning of the year, it’s worth updating your personal profile on LinkedIn. Check your headline, main description, experience information. Maybe it’s time to change your profile picture (you can also add a short video). It’s also important to have a background photo of your profile that clearly and attractively communicates what you do for a living.

Ask for references from clients or people with whom you have worked on projects in the past. By regularly posting content, but also commenting on other users’ posts, build trust and credibility as an expert in your field.

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While we are on LinkedIn, I also encourage you to create a newsletter. You can easily ensure systematic communication by publishing, for example, a monthly newsletter that will be sent to the email inbox of people in your business network. Let`s connect on LinkedIn.

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Keep trying and experimenting in the new year. Maybe I’ll finally convince you to Twitter? Set up or update your Twitter profile and try to be more active by posting tweets and commenting on other users’ content. Follow trends and be aware of what MICE industry leaders are discussing.

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Try to make new relationships via Twitter and meet new people you meet at IMEX Frankturt 2022 (date change 31 May – 2 June 2022. Don’t forget to sign up for the #IMEXrun which will take place on June 1st. Let`s follow each other on Twitter.


And a topic that keeps coming back. You may want to eventually set up your own blog or other type of website, which will give you more control. If you have a business website add a blog section and publish regular posts.

The failure of Facebook, Instagram at the end of 2021 has made many realise that you can suddenly lose access to years of content and community created on these profiles. Maybe longer (600 characters and more) thoughts and texts about the current situation are better published on your blog too?

Create content that will be searched for in Google over time and build the DA (domain authority) of your website.

Social Audio

You don’t like to write and prefer to talk a lot and comment on events. Maybe you also like to conduct interviews? Podcasts and social audio are made for you. Start a podcast on one of the popular platforms or host a live broadcast on Twitter Spaces. Twitter rooms are finally becoming popular in tourism and MICE industry. You can easily broadcast from your smartphone.

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Last year and also 2022 will be a time for video content. Longer forms on YouTube, or published directly on LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, live streaming on social media profiles. I recommend the StreamYard tool, which allows you to stream video simultaneously on Yotube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twittter.

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The video is also shorter forms on TikTok,  Youtube Shorts, and of course Reels on Instagram. The choice of platform and content depends on many factors.


Try, learn and experiment in 2022. The next pandemic restrictions unfortunately again cause many constraints and we should at least in the online sphere be in regular contact with our audience, current and potential customers.

Choose at least one channel or form of content creation and evaluate the actions after six months of regular communication and interaction. I wish you luck.

I will be happy to advise you and suggest what activities you can carry out online in 2022. You know how to find me on LinkedIn and I look forward to hearing from you.

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