SPAIN brings you Food for Thought event for associations

Meeting design online event for associations Spain Convention Bureau

Spain is coming to you to help you generate new ideas for your associations whilst making new connections!

The Spain brings you Food for Thought event is brought to you by the Spain Convention Bureau and the Tourist Office of Spain in Brussels. It is to help associations generate new ideas with, one-to-one consultative meetings, collective group brainstorming over tapas of course, and brain picking & challenging Association experts. For one full day, you have the opportunity to hang out with people from the destinations where you are likely to have your next live event.

Why would you choose a Spanish destination for your next event?

Once live events are possible again, of course, you want your members to go somewhere beautiful and fun. That is exactly what people from Spain are known for. It is what they do naturally, helped by the pastime the country has become famous for all over the world: Tapas! You will receive an actual Tapas Box provided by Tasting Spain.

During the Spain brings You Food for Thought event you will meet the representatives of first and second tier destinations from Spain. Not through standard 15-minute sales talks, but in a formatted 30-minute sound talk.

Build trusted long relationships, get new fresh ideas with their experience and also get support for your next planned events in Spain from convention bureax professionals:

  • Alicante
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Gijón
  • Girona
  • Madrid
  • Málaga
  • Salamanca
  • San Sebastian
  • Sevilla
  • Sitges
  • Tenerife
  • València
  • Zaragoza

In addition, the programme has two content slots focused entirely on issues and challenges that keep many association executives awake at night: member engagement, technology and innovations for associations. And of course, we will have Tapas!

REGISTRATION for Associations – registration closed

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The Masters of Human-2-Human interaction include Speakers

  1. Mike Van Der Vijver – MindMeeting Co-founder and Meeting Designer
  2. Cécile Koch – Boardroom Founder & Managing Partner
  3. Nadia Rubtsova – Business & Events Academy Founder and Associations’ Specialist
  4. Marc Mekki – CEO at Bond
  5. David Benitez – CoCoA Content Cocktails Founder
  6. Sina Bünte CMP – Founder
  7. Ksenija Polla CMP – ICCA Regional Director North America

Event registrations

When and where? 17th June 2021 online

  • For the full programme & registrations click the link
  • Spaces are limited as only 25 association professionals may attend the event
  • Registration deadline – 29th of May 2021

Who can register for the event from associations?

  • Association Executives
  • Association Operations Managers
  • Association Senior Staff
  • Any decision Maker in an Association

Event`s hashtags and social media

  • #SPAINbyfft
  • #associations
  • #VisitSpain
  • #evenprofs
  • #TapasDay

Spain Convention Bureau online event for associations executives


The Spain brings you Food for Thought event is brought to you by the Spain Convention Bureau and the Tourist Office of Spain in Brussels in partnership with: TastingSpain, Air Europa and #Roadmap2030 community for association professionals, by Boardroom Magazine and Bond – Digital Innovators & Community Builders. Find out more about event partners:

How to help associations in new reality

Cecile Koch

„How associations should rethink their way of communicating with destinations? Associations have to become SMART associations if they want to evolve and grow and be sustainable.” Cécile Koch – Boardroom Founder & Managing Partner

Cécile Koch Boardroom magazine associations network

Cécile Koch – Boardroom Founder & Managing Partner

Mike van der Vijver

„Wondering if there is a future for international associations? Let’s join forces in two sessions packed with content and find out what it could be!” Mike van der Vijder MindMeeting Co-founder and Meeting Designer

Mike van der Vijder MindMeeting associations Meeting Designer

Nadia Rubtsova

„Having multiple revenue streams for the associations is a must-have. Having a sustainable business model does not mean being able to survive, but being able to grow. Events are just one of those streams and very often the biggest one. How can destinations help the associations to expand their portfolio of revenue generating activities?” Nadia Rubtsova – Business & Events Academy Founder and Associations’ Specialist

Nadia Rubtsova Business Events Academy associations expert keynote speaker

Mark Mekki

“The key to digital engagement is relevance and proper segmentation is the key to relevance. Successful events are the result of thriving associations` members communities, and communities are active year round. What if you could accomplish twice the number of tasks in half the time? New, smart technology can help you get there.“ Marc Mekki – Bond Founder

Marc Mekki Bond barcelona roadmap2030 virtual community associations

David Benitez

“Why is it so hard to feel humanly connected with other colleagues in Associations? Human 2 Human interactions between colleagues in associations happen with proper content and networking designs in meeting programmes.” David Benitez – CoCoA Content Cocktails Founder

David Benitez - CoCoA Content Cocktails Founder Spain Bbarcelona event designer

David Benitez – CoCoA Content Cocktails Founder

Ksenija Polla

“How can associations evolve their meetings? Associations need to look at their long-lasting legacies in a destination and consider how their meetings will help in furthering their field of expertise as well as help in the sustainable growth of local communities”. Ksenija Polla CMP, ICCA Regional Director North America

 Ksenija Polla ICCA Regional Director North America associations eventprofs

Ksenija Polla ICCA Regional Director North America

Convention Bureaux in Spain

Valencia Convention Bureau

Manuel Ferris Gallego Valencia Convention Bureau Spain congress planner associations

Valencia Convention Bureau

Valencia is a city full of intriguing contrasts. It is rich in history and tradition, yet a cutting-edge centre for innovation. It has 7km of Mediterranean beaches to relax on, though its bustling business hub is just a 15-minute walk away. It’s a place where first century BC buildings stand alongside some of the most futuristic 21st century designs Europe has to offer.

Valencia is a city that puts sustainability at its core: GDS Index member and first city in the world to certify its carbon footprint for the tourist activity. This all makes for a varied and exciting conference setting.

Manuel Ferrís – Head of València Convention Bureau.

Zaragoza Convention Bureau

Cristina Sánchez Dionis Zaragoza Convention Bureau Spain meetings international associations

Cristina Sánchez Dionis Zaragoza Convention Bureau

Zaragoza is located 300 km away from main Spanish cities, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia. Main Spanish logistic center, well communicated by road, train and air. You can find everything you need from a big city, without traffic jams or crowds; you can walk almost everywhere; clean, safe city; lots of open air spaces.

Zaragoza Convention Bureau and its partners have more than 25 years experience in helping you organize the perfect event. Cristina Sánchez Dionis – Promoción, Receptivo y Comunicación Zaragoza Convention Bureau.

Barcelona Convention Bureau

Barcelona is Mediterranean and avant-garde, dynamic, historical, cosmopolitan, cultural, trendy, inclusive, and so much more. To see and experience these qualities in Barcelona and its region is to observe the inherent nature of its people and its everyday lifestyle which distinguishes this city from all the rest. A city committed to sustainability, where its many attractions can be enjoyed all the while respecting the environment. Barcelona has a strong and internationally recognized medical and scientific community, providing essential support in the hosting of international meetings. It has consolidated itself as a global city attracting investment, development of life projects, research and the creation of international talent.

Add to that Barcelona’s numerous outstanding and perfectly equipped facilities for meetings including 3 main convention centers, over 400 hotels, a variety of unique venues as well as attractions for celebrating international events, and you have the perfect platform where both professional and personal alliances are created and cultivated. As one of Europe’s most attractive, innovative and vibrant cities, Barcelona is positioned among the top cities in the world in terms of hosting international conferences. It is the perfect backdrop for all occasions with a talented and professional MICE community ready to create the most appropriate atmosphere to match any association’s identity, objectives and audience.

Ester Abajo Veciana Association Meetings Manager Barcelona Convention Bureau planner

The Barcelona Convention Bureau is here to help associations organize and promote their meetings, covering the areas of management, planning and logistics. We assist them with the bidding process (planning and creating the application document); arranging a room block; coordinating site inspections; connecting the association with local suppliers; coordinating with local authorities in the city regarding municipal services and other protocols; promoting the meeting once awarded, etc. All our support and advisory services are completely free of charge.

Barcelona isthe place to meet.” Ester Abajo Veciana Association Meetings Manager – Barcelona Convention Bureau

Madrid Convention Bureau

Spain brings you food for thought Andrzej Gabinski Madrid convention bureau

Madrid offers organisers a unique perspective and professional tools that embrace best practice in sustainable event management, and aids you in developing a successful strategy for meeting legacy. Andrzej Gabinski, Ph.D. Project Manager Congress Department Madrid Convention Bureau


associations buyers Jane Corrales SPAIN brings you food for thought

As one of the trendiest and most attractive destinations in Europe, Sevilla is now fully prepared to host international events in a safe and sustainable environment offering visitors the charm of its famous assets combined with an innovative, dynamic and green vision of the MICE sector.

Jane Corrales Deputy Director Area Congresos FIBES-Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Sevilla

Alicante Convention Bureau

Raquel Hernandez Alicante convention bureau Spain

Alicante, with more than 100 direct air connections, is a friendly, dynamic city with surprising natural resources. We are prepared to host safe, digital and sustainable events that reflect our Mediterranean character. Raquel Hernández Alicante City Tourist Board & Alicante Convention Bureau.


In case of any questions send DM.

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