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From Text to Image. How Midjourney, DALL·E, and other AI tools reshape marketing. In the age of artificial intelligence, the creative landscape has witnessed a profound transformation. With AI-driven technologies rapidly advancing, the ability to generate striking images from text has become a reality.

From OpenAI’s DALL·E 3 to the powerful MidJourney V5 and a myriad of other cutting-edge tools, the possibilities seem boundless. These innovations are reshaping marketing strategies and revolutionizing the way we create visual content, as evidenced by the emergence of AI-generated visuals in groundbreaking marketing campaigns. In this blog post, we’ll journey through this exciting realm, exploring the latest in AI-driven image generation and its impact on content creation and marketing.

Open AI updates

For the first time, my blog readers had the opportunity to get to know ChatGPT and OpenAI in the January 2023 blog post What is ChatGPT and how it affects tourism. Since then, a lot has happened. For example, ChatGPT has been integrated with the Microsoft Bing browser, and it has been announced that it will soon be able to utilize content created after September 21, 2021, without the need for special plugins. Currently, you can use version 3.5 for free, while the latest version, 4.0, is paid. By the way, look also what Opera did with its Aria AI.

However, that’s not the end of the AI news.

how to create an image from text

DALL·E 3 new-old kid on the block

This time, I would like to share a few words about generating images using artificial intelligence. It’s worth knowing that OpenAI is not only known for creating ChatGPT but is also the creator of a tool that allows for image creation.

In early October 2023, OpenAI launched DALL·E 3, the third generation of the text-to-image generator, which can be tested for free at http://bing.com/create. I encourage you to give it a try. Visit also DALL-E 3 website.

After initial tests and visual results, it can be said that the third-generation DALL·E 3 may become a significant competitor to MidJourney.

DALL·E 3 image to text

MidJourney is still the best AI “text to image” creator

Since August 2022, the MidJourney platform has maintained its leading position and is synonymous with the term “text to image,” which involves generating images from text using artificial intelligence.

MidJourney V5, which was introduced on March 15, 2023, has showcased incredible progress in creating more accurate and realistic images. The latest version, 5.2, was published on June 22.

midjourney AI image to text generated

From text to image – AI magic

How does it work? Based on text input by the user (the so-called “prompt”) in English, the system of Midjourney generates images. Understanding how to communicate with AI is crucial to achieving impressive and realistic results.

To begin, you can start with commands like “/imagine” or “/blend” and describe the desired effect as precisely as possible. Through trial and error, you can also learn to achieve interesting effects, but it’s essential to follow a few guidelines. You should provide context, specify the setting, point of view, format, and lighting, or even request the replication of a specific camera and lens.

A challenge for novice users is the requirement to have a Discord account. Using MidJourney requires having a profile on this platform. Currently, there is no separate website or dedicated MidJourney application. In this regard, DALL·E 3 may be more user-friendly for beginners, as it will likely be more intuitive to use.

When MidJourney was first launched in July 2022, everyone could create 25 images for free. It’s important to note that using MidJourney is currently a paid service, with the cheapest monthly plan costing $10.

Is Midjourney free AI image creator

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AI visual revolution

Other companies are also continually developing their image-generation tools. Firefly, Adobe’s artificial intelligence model, has been introduced into popular graphics applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Graphic designers can make use of features like:

  • “Text to image”
  • “Text to pattern”
  • “Sketch to image”
  • “Extend image”
  • “Generative Fill”
  • “Generative Recolor”

Stable Diffusion, Leonardo.ai, Canva, and others offer a wide range of generating visuals. Even the simplest Paint program is expected to gain AI functionality.

All images in my blog posts have been generated by Canva AI Magic tool.

Canva AI Magic tool

AI Photo Apps

Among the more interesting applications that leverage artificial intelligence and are worth trying are Retrato, which allows for generating professional portraits based on 20-30 selfies. A link to the Retrato App.

Additionally, Pebblely.com, Flair.ai, and Booth.ai are useful for product image creation.

AI Photo Apps

Marketing Campaigns use AI images

The first marketing campaigns using images generated by artificial intelligence have already appeared in Poland. Among them are:

  • Storytel
  • HalfPrice
  • Ja w przyszłości. Powered by AI & ING

What is next? Adapt or …

The introduction of new capabilities for generating images from text opens up new perspectives in creating advertising campaigns and visual content. Companies increasingly leverage these technologies in their marketing campaigns, and examples from Poland and other countries demonstrate that AI can play a crucial role in marketing strategies.

As the landscape of AI continues to evolve, the need to adapt to new technologies is more vital than ever. The tools we have explored, such as DALL·E 3 and MidJourney V5, are at the forefront of AI-driven image generation. To harness the full potential of this transformative technology, businesses must invest in the knowledge and skills necessary to use these tools effectively.

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