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In the dynamic realm of tourism marketing, a revolutionary wave is reshaping the way we showcase and engage with destinations around the globe. Artificial Intelligence (AI), often associated with technological advancements, is now playing a pivotal role in crafting compelling narratives through Destination Marketing Campaigns.

AI videos for Destination Marketing

In my recent article, I wrote about how Destination Management Organisations (DMO) used ChatGPT to generate texts and MidJourney and DALL-E to generate AI images for marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll delve into the intersection of AI and destination promotion, exploring how these videos are transforming the landscape of travel and tourism advertising.

As we examine the evolution of destination marketing, I’ll spotlight key examples that epitomize the synergy between AI technology and the storytelling essence of destinations. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, these AI-infused campaigns go beyond the conventional, offering viewers an immersive experience that transcends traditional promotional boundaries. By understanding the impact of AI on these campaigns, we gain insights into how technology is not only revolutionizing marketing approaches but also influencing the way we perceive and connect with the destinations themselves.

Text to Video: AI’s Genius in Creating Visual Content

What If [Vincent Van Gogh] Visited Korea

The Korea Tourism Organization has unveiled a significant milestone in its promotional efforts – the release of Korea’s first-ever AI-generated promotional video. The organization amassed more than 1,100 images of artworks created by the painters, investing six months in the meticulous process of crafting the video. Aptly titled “What If Vincent Van Gogh Visited Korea” the video is a testament to the organization’s commitment to enhancing its global outreach.


This innovative promotional tool showcases a unique blend of technology and artistry by reimagining famous tourist attractions in Korea through the distinct styles of 11 renowned painters, including Vincent Van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Claude Monet, Jeong Seon, Henri Matisse, Raoul Dufy, Henri Rousseau, and Gustav Klimt.

what-if-van-gogh-visited Korea

Accessible on the organization’s YouTube channel, the video invites viewers to witness Korea’s iconic landmarks transformed into captivating masterpieces, offering a fresh perspective on the country’s cultural and natural wonders. The utilization of artificial intelligence marks a significant leap forward in tourism marketing, as it not only engages the audience but also highlights the intersection of creativity and technological advancement.

Watch AI-generated video below.

By harnessing the power of AI, the Korea Tourism Organization aims to captivate a global audience, enticing prospective travellers to explore the rich tapestry of experiences that Korea has to offer. Koreans are one of the first to use it. This case study underscores the organization’s forward-thinking approach to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to promote cultural exchange and tourism on an unprecedented scale.

In AI marketing activities, you might inquire about copyright and intellectual property considerations. Copyright concerns were mitigated by choosing artists whose works have been in the public domain for more than 70 years.


The Korean travel destinations presented in the video include the panorama of the capital and Euljiro in Seoul, Gungnamji Pond (Buyeo), Miinpokpo Falls (Samcheok), Gamcheon Culture Village (Busan), Gwangandaegyo Bridge (Busan), Juknokwon Bamboo Forest (Damyang), Bulguksa Temple (Gyeongju), Cheomseongdae Observatory (Gyeongju), Hanok Village (Jeonju), Paragliding in Danyang. That is how Korea was reimagined by AI.


The video has garnered nearly 30 million views on YouTube within two weeks since its premiere (October 23rd 2023). All artworks in the promotional film for the 2023-2024 season were generated with artificial intelligence.


What If [Vincent Van Gogh] Visited Korea – Campaign`s Landing Page is available here

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