Unveiling the Chapters of 2023: My Year in Review


Today, on December 31st, it’s time for a summary. The past year, 2023, has brought me a plethora of experiences, both sweet and bitter. While I’m not complaining, I express gratitude for everything that has come my way in these past twelve months. Sometimes, negative events can overshadow many positive aspects of life. Hence, I am thankful for every experience this year, as each has brought forth diverse emotions and valuable lessons that I can apply in the future.


I am immensely pleased to have completed my postgraduate studies at Kozminski University in Warsaw and defended my dissertation in July. From October 2022 to June 2023, I had the opportunity to delve into knowledge, explore significant subjects, and establish new connections – both with my peers and lecturers. I was fortunate that our ALKMI40 students group consisted of enthusiasts and passionate individuals, while our lecturers were top-notch experts in digital marketing. I can genuinely recommend these studies and the institution. More information can be found here: Postgraduate Studies – Internet Marketing at Kozminski University.


The year 2023 was particularly exciting in terms of educational development, especially considering the growing interest in artificial intelligence. It began with the emergence of Midjourney about DALL-E (in the summer of 2022), through tools for generating text content like ChatGPT OpenAI (from the beginning of 2023), to creating videos using platforms such as RunWay or Heygen (towards the end of the year).

This year was abundant in inspiring educational events and acquiring new skills. Participating in the Thursday Social Media Meetings in Warsaw’s Praga district (Czwartki Social Media) provided engaging discussions, allowing me to stay updated with the dynamic changes in the field of internet marketing. Towards the year’s end, I also participated in the Sprawny Marketing – AI Training for Marketing.

Additionally, attending the New Trends in Tourism conference in Gdańsk was an interesting experience in my hometown.


The year 2023 marked a full year of work for me at the Polish Tourist Organisation – Poland Convention Bureau. It was a new environment for me, my first job in a public institution, with new professional goals and the joy of collaborating with numerous individuals from different fields and foreign branches of the Polish Tourist Organisation. Over 60 people at the new PTO headquarters on 42 Młynarska Street in Warsaw, with whom we executed various tasks, projects, and initiatives, made this job unique and very intense.


IMEX in Frankfurt

In 2022 the greatest satisfaction for me was the ICCA Congress in Krakow. In 2023 among many projects, I had the pleasure of working on the organization of this year’s editions of the IBTM World in Barcelona and IMEX in Frankfurt.

imex frankfurt lodz

ICCA Members

The Polish national stand received a record number of applications from participants interested in attending mentioned trade fairs, and the number of Polish partners participating in both events reached its highest level in years. The expansion of the previously established Musical Mornings and collaboration with musical ambassadors Brian Allan and Basia Giewont with DJ Korneliusz, as well as the creation of the song Let’s Talk Business were extremely satisfying experiences for me.

This year had an unforgettable highlight: the incredible international collaboration between DJ Fox and Basia Giewont at the Norwegian stand in Barcelona. It was an absolute blast and undoubtedly the highlight of the Happy Hour at the IBTM. Music has this amazing power to bring people together. A huge thanks to Arve Lindgren and Frode Aasheim for making this magical moment possible.

So much fun. Have a look and listen.

Additionally, with Basia Giewont, we created a new arrangement of the Let`s Talk Business song for the trade fair in Barcelona and a special playlist on Spotify. Find out more about Let`s Talk Business.


IBTM World in Barcelona

E-marketing at the Poland Convention Bureau was an extensive endeavour throughout the year 2023. Working on the communication plan and its implementation across social media and the website constituted over a thousand diverse activities, encompassing the creation and publication of various content on our channels (Facebook, Twitter – X, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others). At the year-end, I additionally generated annual reports using Brand24 and Sotrender, and I must say, the results are more than satisfactory.

Currently, we have 14 convention bureaus in Poland. In 2023, two new bureaus were established (Silesia and Swietokrzyskie), and two were reactivated (Mazovia and Lublin Region). Numerous hours of meetings, discussions, advice, and joint ventures brought much satisfaction and effectively contributed to common achievements. I am pleased that we were able to support both new and existing Polish convention bureaus.

In February this year, at the NYX Hotel, we awarded Polish Tourism Organisation recommendations to outstanding convention bureaux, professional congress organizers, and incentive travel organizers. Learn more – Poland Convention Bureau POT announces recommendations for 2023-2024.

I am delighted with the successful implementation of the concept for the Eventprofs Creators Lab (PL – Laboratorium Twórców) project, which I developed at the end of 2022. This project focused on education for the tourism industry, with a concentration on digital marketing. We conducted a total of 6 events for the Laboratorium Twórców, spanning Warsaw (Hotel NYX meeting with the industry, Meetings Week Poland conference), Zakopane (dedicated educational stand at the congress), and Wrocław (5th European Tourism Forum).

I was thrilled that we managed to invite experts to the project who could share practical knowledge with participants (Dagmara Plata-Alf, Rafał Szymański, Klaudia Chwastek). Together with Aneta Ksiazek, we conducted workshops in Zakopane and meetings with students at the PTO headquarters, while I presented solo in Wrocław. Additionally, for those interested, I conducted individual online consultations on Internet marketing topics.

The project even had its international premiere as a mobile photography workshop for eventprofs.

To cap off the year, there’s the cherry on top. I had the honour of being the lead for our flagship project in 2023, the “Poland. More than you expected” campaign, targeting the meetings and events industry in foreign markets. Despite some challenges at the project’s outset, the outcome was more than satisfactory. We targeted two specific MICE segments: organizers of events for international associations and organizers of corporate events. The achievement of the extensive Key Performance Indicators (KPI) was accomplished through:

  1. Collaboration with editorial teams (BoardRoom Magazine, Kongres Magazine, AMI – Associations Meetings International, CMW – Conference & Meetings World, HQ – Headquarters Magazine, M&IT – Meetings and Incentive Travel, SKIFT Meetings) in the form of articles, sponsored articles, Destination Guides, newsletters, banners, and direct mailing
  2. Social media and performance marketing
  3. Influencer marketing with Key Opinion Leaders – Sina Bunte and Basia Giewont
  4. The creation of a landing page meetings.poland.travel
  5. Exhibition of campaign-specific content at industry events, including IBTM World in Barcelona (integrated with sensory marketing). This involved a specially recorded video featuring a MICE influencer and representatives from the Polish industry.

The number 12 played a significant role in this project. On September 12, we signed the contract with the marketing agency, and on December 12, we jointly received a commemorative diploma at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. Our campaign was recognized as one of the best at the MP IMPACT Awards summit organized by MeetingPlanner.pl! This achievement brings us immense joy. Through the passion, creativity, perseverance, and determination of those involved in the project, we achieved more than we expected.

MP Impact Awards Poland Convention Bureau

There were so many Poland Convention Bureau projects that it’s challenging to mention them all. However, in brief, I would like to mention:

  • the Spotlight on Poland conference in Krakow,
  • the Inauguration of the Silesia Convention Bureau in Chorzów,
  • the Industry Report on Meetings and Events in Poland,
  • and the Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors in Gdynia…


I’m also pleased with the opportunity to write another eleven articles in my regular column for the THINK MICE magazine (both print and online versions). This year, I wrote about various topics including artificial intelligence, trade fairs, case studies of marketing campaigns, and social media. For the first time, an article was also published in the magazine’s international edition at the IMEX trade fair in Frankfurt.

think mice magazine contributing writer journalist MICE

This year has also been a time of changing priorities. Unfortunately, time is limited, so I had to bid farewell to some additional undertakings, most of which I highly valued. However, I understood the necessity of making choices.

I’m planning to expand my English blog, so feel invited. In meetings and training sessions, I frequently emphasize the importance of “writing blogs.” I make it a point to lead by example and follow the principle of “practice what you preach.” It’s feasible to compose at least one blog post per month.


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time on TikTok since the start of this year, and I’m determined to continue doing so. It’s been an exhilarating experience documenting moments and creating content that I hope resonates with my audience more and more. This video was just the beginning of what I anticipate will be an exciting journey throughout the next years.

@callmejaro 🤩 Events Industry Forum in Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱 FBE 2023 to największe spotkanie ludzi związanych z realizacją wydarzeń, bogaty program merytoryczny i 129 wystawców. Na dwóch scenach aż 43 ekspertów. W wydarzeniu rokrocznie biorą udział agencje eventowe, agencje marketingowe, agencje PR, klienci końcowi, agencje incentive travel, wedding plannerzy. Eventy są kluczowe dla działań wizerunkowych i sprzedażowych przedsiębiorstw i miejscowości. Nie do przecenienia jest także ich rola w integrowaniu i motywowaniu zespołów. Dlatego Forum Branży Eventowej to punkt obowiązkowy każdego marketingowca, HR’owca, zakupowca, PR’owca oraz oczywiście profesjonalistów z branży incentive i agencji eventowych. Forum towarzyszy strefa ekspozycyjna, w której prezentują się wyselekcjonowani dostawcy branży MICE. #miceindustry #eventsplanner #events #targi #warszawa #warsaw #forumbranżyeventowej #destinationpoland #poland @tiktok_poland @pan_buzka #wydarzenia #warsawexpo #fbe @insta_warszawa @nowawarszawa #tiktokpolska #party #eventtech #eventprofs #eventprofspl #thinkmice #polandcvb @polandcvb #eventmarketing #meetingplanner #discoverwarsaw ♬ dance(256762) – TimTaj

On the flip side, shortly before Christmas, there was a significant development in the EU where we were granted permission to create Threads profiles – the META`s competitor of X (Twitter). Excited by this opportunity, I went ahead and created one. However, after giving it a shot, I’ve concluded that I won’t be continuing with it. And how about you? Are you on Threads?

Mobile Photography

In the past year, I only posted 56 photos on Instagram… That’s truly not much for me. Fortunately, a lot of content was created in Stories and can be viewed in Highlights.

Generally, as the Instagram dinosaur (I created my account in 2011), I do not quite like the direction this once-favorite platform is taking. I hope Threads will now take over the testing field from Meta. Please come back to Instagram`s DNA and Make Instagram Instagram Again.

Returning to Instagram, here are my Top Nine for the year 2023. This time we have photos from Warsaw, Sopot and Barcelona. You can join me on Instagram here @jaroslaw_marciuk.


The biggest values for me on Instagram are people and communities. The year 2023 started great – I met up again with fellow mobile photographers during the Mobile Phototrip in Radom, where we not only explored the city but also tested Sony smartphones.

I truly enjoyed organizing three meetings for mobile photographers within our IgersPoland community in Warsaw. There was a special joint meeting organized with the Warsaw Tourist Organization @Go2Warsaw, during which we visited places like the POLIN Museum, Muronow district and got access to the roof of the Blue Skyscraper in Warsaw.

As part of IgersPoland, I led two mobile photography workshops in Warsaw in collaboration with Xiaomi Poland and coordinated the entire event in other Polish cities (Gdańsk, Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Wrocław, Szczecin) with our Igers friends. Xiaomi 13 Pro photography workshops with Polish Igers.

I’m pleased that our 25 Igers communities in Poland are active, and we managed to reactivate IgersKraków, while other less active groups have regained momentum. In this age of AI, I find that our community of mobile photographers contributes an essence of authenticity to the online realm by seamlessly blending the finest elements. Our slogan ought to be – Created by Human or Made by Humans.

That`s a wrap … I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I wish everyone good health and peace of mind! Wishing you a Happy 2024! See you soon.

happy new year 2024

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