IBTM World Barcelona 2023 Social Media Listening Report


Check out my latest article featuring a comprehensive report on social media communication during IBTM World in Barcelona. Utilizing the powerful Brand24 tool, the report delves into the #ibtmworld hashtag (the official hashtag of the event) from October 28th, 2023, to December 9th, 2023.

Please note that the report includes monitoring of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, podcasts, and websites. Unexpectedly, Instagram emerged victorious over Twitter in social media mentions for the first time at IBTM in Barcelona, with almost three times more content generated and published. Furthermore, the report documented nearly 40 TikToks, marking the highest number to date and indicating a significant upward trend.

The infographic provides a snapshot, but for more detailed data, simply email me at jaroslaw.marciuk@gmail.com, and I’ll gladly share the full PDF and Excel report.

#IBTMworld summary

We’ve collected 1720 mentions in your IBTM World Trade Show in Barcelona in 2023. Most of the mentions come from social media, specifically Instagram. Most of the mentions are neutral, but we’re happy to announce from ones with the sentiment detected, most of them are positive! However, you should take a look at the News, as this is the most negative source. There is a strong presence of admiration and emotion detected among your mentions, specifically on Instagram.

Generated reach is generally neutral, but positive reach is 78,60 times higher than negative one. What comes with no surprise, dominant neutral mentions generate also neutral reach. While the News category has a superior impact on reach, Blogs is the most reach-efficient one. Although, the most impactful category in terms of AVE is Blogs.

Discussion among IBTM was divided into several topics, the most notable ones were about IBTM Barcelona Networking, Event Industry Insights and MICE Tourism Events. The most positive topic was about the IBTM Barcelona Trip, while the most negative one was about IBTM Barcelona Networking.

IBTM World in numbers

  • 1 712 Mentions
  • 1 407 Social media mentions
  • 305 Non-social Mentions
  • 944 908 Estimated Social Media Reach
  • 1 258 821Non Social Reach
  • 14 800 Social media interactions
  • 1 419 User-Generated Content
  • 14 064 Social media likes
  • 54 Videos incl. Tiktok
  • 700 (99.4%) Positive mentions
  • 4 (0.6%) Negative mentions
  • $ 168.88k AVE

What does AVE mean? AVE, or advertising value equivalency, is a PR metric assessing the worth of media coverage in a PR campaign. AVE evaluates the coverage extent, and its placement, and estimates the cost if the space were used for similar advertising. Impact of News on AVE – The total Ad Value Equivalent (AVE) is 169K, but, interestingly, over 48% of that value is generated by News, with mostly neutral sentiment.


Social media mentions and reach

Most of the mentions come from social media, specifically Instagram.

  • Twitter 333
  • Instagram 859
  • Facebook 137
  • TikTok 38
  • Videos 16
  • News 170
  • Podcasts 0
  • Forums 12
  • Blogs 24
  • Web 123

Admiration dominates Instagram. Emotions were detected in 35% of mentions, admiration is the most significant.


IBTM World was overwhelmingly positive.  It seems that there are over 175,2 times more positive than negative mentions (41% vs. 0%). Keep it going! The most common sentiment is neutral (58%).

Reach dominance of News. It seems that over 52% of the total reach is generated by News (mostly neutral). Blogs are the most reach efficient. The highest reach efficiency (average reach generated by one mention is in: Blogs (7.4K reach/mention), News (5.2K reach/mention), and Forums (5.2K reach/mention). The average in this project is 1K.

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20 of the most active public profiles

The compilation showcases the top 20 highly engaged public profiles. It includes social media handles (predominantly Twitter), followed by their respective follower counts and the total number of mentions.

Profile NameSiteMentionsFollowersVoice ShareInfluence
IBTMeventsTwitter X4017,3288.77182,877
JaroslawMarciukTwitter X143,6482.92827,664
PolandCvBTwitter X124191.27712,064
puntomiceTwitter X94,2610.5675,356
liberty_itgTwitter X94821.92618,200
CM_WorldTwitter X76,8120.7376,961
Conferência Jovem IBTMYoutube6N/A0.00660
IBTM EventsYoutube67770.048451
ShocklogicTwitter X62,1300.9859,312
Barcelona_BCBTwitter X67890.4614,358
theboardroommagTwitter X51,4770.6676,300
MeetinNewsTwitter X51,5250.1381,308
Travel2latam_enTwitter X4150.0004
SloMeetingsTwitter X41,7060.072680
SA_NCBTwitter X47,3520.3112,940

20 the most influential public profiles

The top 20 influential public profiles significantly impacting the online sphere. These profiles possess a substantial sway and engagement across various social platforms, making them noteworthy entities in the digital realm.

Profile nameSiteInfluenceInfluencer ScoreMentionsFollowersVoice Share
IBTMeventsTwitter X82,8778/104017,3288.771
BoletinViajesTwitter X50,94010/1021,273,4205.391
JaroslawMarciukTwitter X27,6647/10143,6482.928
liberty_itgTwitter X18,2004/1094821.926
Fira_BarcelonaTwitter X14,7008/10329,2971.556
tojuliusTwitter X12,5948/10319,9731.333
PolandCvBTwitter X12,0644/10124191.277
ShocklogicTwitter X9,3127/1062,1300.985
FinlandFCBTwitter X9,1006/1031,0380.963
barcelohotelesTwitter X8,73910/101174,7950.925
TheBizofEventsTwitter X7,7005/1035900.815
SATravelTradeTwitter X7,4138/10241,1910.784
MeetInWalesTwitter X7,4026/1041,3420.783
themiceblogTwitter X7,0007/1028,3510.741
OvationDMCTwitter X7,0007/1032,9320.741
MeetLiverpoolTwitter X7,0007/1013,0880.741
GraupixTwitter X7,0008/10210,3430.741
CM_WorldTwitter X6,9617/1076,8120.737

Trending hashtags at IBTM World

The prevalent hashtags observed on social media, including the official hashtag #ibtmworld. Which hashtags were commonly used by social media users?


Most active countries

2United Kingdom6158,679
3United States546,485
12South Africa710,386
19United Arab Emirates41,710

The prevalent emojis employed on social media during IBTM World – which specific emojis were predominantly utilized in the posts?



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