AI-powered destination marketing campaigns (texts and images)

In the ever-evolving landscape of destination marketing, a groundbreaking trend is emerging – the integration of artificial intelligence into promotional campaigns. Tourist Organizations and Destination Marketing Organisations around the world are stepping into the future with creative endeavours that harness AI’s potential. From crafting compelling narratives for iconic artworks to conjuring AI-generated images that beckon travellers to explore.

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how AI text-to-image tools, such as Midjourney or DALL-3, reshape marketing. In this blog post, I delve into the fascinating world of OpenAI ChatGPT and AI text-to-image marketing campaigns reshaping the way we promote cities and countries. In the tourism industry, we can also observe the first attempts by tourist organizations to use artificial intelligence in destination marketing campaigns.

 #ExperienceJordAIn – Jordan Tourism Board

In one notable instance of AI destination marketing campaigns, the Jordan Tourism Board targeted digitally fluent travellers with a campaign tailored to their preferences. Leveraging AI’s Midjourney, a remarkable AI-driven  #ExperienceJordAIn campaign was crafted, capitalizing on the platform’s key feature: ‘/imagine.’


The execution of this campaign was particularly engaging. Within the interface’s search window, travellers encountered the enticing ‘/imagine’ tool. This tool provided a unique opportunity to paint a vivid picture of their dream destination through a series of prompts. What initially began as an ‘imagine’ invitation gradually evolved into an enticing proposition to ‘/experience.’ The AI ingeniously brought to life the allure of Jordan without explicitly disclosing the country, place, or monument, leaving travellers with a compelling message:

Why merely /imagine when you can authentically /experience?

The campaign titled ‘#ExperienceJordAIn’ was published in Jordan in January 2023. It was created for the brand: Jordan Tourism Board, by advertising agency: Adpro Communications.


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Visit Denmark instead

To boost Denmark’s appeal as a holiday destination, Visit Denmark orchestrated a PR campaign that harnessed the potential of artificial intelligence.


Famous masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Girl With the Pearl Earring, Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, American Gothic, and the Statue of Liberty were brought to life through the collaborative efforts of AI with a compelling message:

Don’t stand in line to see them – visit Denmark instead

This video was meticulously crafted with artificial intelligence at its core. ChatGPT lent its prowess to script the narrative, while deepfake technology and motion synthesis were instrumental in generating captivating visuals. Visit the website Visit Denmark.

UnArtificial Art – Vienna Tourist Board

Vienna Tourist Board unveiled “UnArtificial Art” campaign on May 2023 promoting the city’s more than 100 museums.


The internet’s obsession with cat content knows no bounds. AI tools like DALL-E and Midjourney have elevated this fascination by enabling users to seamlessly integrate these beloved feline companions into virtually any conceivable backdrop, all within a matter of seconds. But the question arises, where does AI derive its creative prowess, disregarding the occasional eccentric trigger texts from users?

The answer lies in AI’s ability to draw inspiration from extensive archives of existing artworks, meticulously replicating their essence and distinctive styles. It’s safe to say that pioneering artists like Klimt, a notable cat enthusiast, and Schiele laid the foundation for AI-generated artworks. Even in the afterlife, their influence endures, as they continue to impart valuable lessons to artificial intelligence.


See the Art behind AI Art

Vienna, with its rich cultural tapestry, boasts over 100 museums waiting to be explored. While, unfortunately, cats may not be welcome within these hallowed halls, visitors can witness the original masterpieces that have inspired AI in their unique real-world settings.

The campaign sends a message to tourists: Marvel at the intricate details of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” at the Belvedere Palace, soak in the ambience of Egon Schiele’s Chinese lanterns at the Leopold Museum, and savour a delightful interlude at a Viennese coffeehouse in between your artistic explorations.

The campaign`s website Vienna UnArtificial Art.

Lithuania – an experience to share

While AI can replicate that which is already great, beautiful, and inspiring, it ultimately requires a human touch to truly experience it. This pivotal message forms the cornerstone of the campaign, launched under the slogan “Lithuania – an experience to share.”

Lithuania – an experience to share

By supplying images from Lithuania to the AI Midjourney tool, the Lithuanian Tourism Board crafted a captivating series of surreal posters that reimagine landscapes, cityscapes, and even the iconic cold pink soup. These imaginative results served as the catalyst for a fresh promotional campaign slated for the 2023 tourist season.

The campaign itself embodied a process of co-creation, where skilled designers collaborated with Midjourney. During the preparatory phase, hundreds of images were generated, prompting the AI to envision Lithuania across various timelines, from the past to the near future, and through the lens of surrealism. While eagle-eyed observers may recognize such iconic landmarks as St. Anne’s Church in Vilnius, the prompts intentionally omitted specific locations, resulting in a genuine amalgamation of all conceivable depictions of Lithuania.

Lithuania – an experience to share AI

Lithuanian comprehensive destination campaign extends a warm invitation to individuals from four key markets – Germany, Poland, the UK, and Israel – to embark on a journey to Lithuania and partake in experiences worth sharing.


AI Italian influencer @venereitalia23

This €9 million campaign, titled “Open to Meraviglia” (Open to Wonder), was introduced through a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT). The campaign was displayed in airports and cities around the world.


Italians created a virtual influencer, a modern version of Venus from Sandro Botticelli’s painting. You can find her and follow her on Instagram profile @venereitalia23.

In one snapshot, she captures a selfie at the iconic Piazza San Marco in Venice, while during her travels, she indulges in a slice of pizza on the shores of Lake Como and pedals past Rome’s Colosseum.

The website of the Open to Meraviglia campaign.

What is next? Adapt or …

Whether that means training in-house teams or collaborating with professionals well-versed in the nuances of AI-generated imagery, the importance of staying on the cutting edge cannot be overstated. AI is not a fleeting trend; it is here to stay. Those who embrace it and master its capabilities will have a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and content creation.

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