Text to Video: AI’s Genius in Creating Visual Content


Imagine promotional videos generated by a single person at a desk using text input into a computer. No need for long photo shoots, concerns about weather conditions, location scouting, heaps of equipment, film crews, or even the hiring of actors and actresses. We are witnessing another stage in the development of artificial intelligence in creating visual content. It’s already happening…

The Evolution of AI in Content Creation

While I’ve been writing for a while about ChatGPT, image generation from text using tools like MidJourney or DALL-E, creating movies from text is, for me, the most significant revolution that will overturn the world of marketing and culture. On the one hand, the existing possibilities are awe-inspiring, but on the other hand, observing the dynamic development of the quality of created films also raises concerns about the potential misuse of this technology.

Technologies utilizing artificial intelligence not only enable the creation of films from scratch but also the modification of existing content.

  • Video to Video allows for changing the style, colours, and other parameters of videos,
  • Image to Video brings static images and photos to life,
  • Text to Image allows for generating movies based on text alone.


One leading tool in this field is Runway, which can be considered like the OpenAI ChatGPT for text creation and MidJourney for image creation. The platform’s creators have started developing visual content creation capabilities for Video to Video (Gen-1).

Runway Gen-2 text to video AI

In March 2023, Runway released the Gen-2 Model, heralding it as a breakthrough. “Storytelling is about to change again, but this time without a camera” – these words emphasize the significance of this innovation. The creators assure, “If you can imagine it, you can generate it.” It is now possible to create movies from text alone.

AI film festival is a reality

Runway is not only an artificial intelligence platform but also the organizer of the AI Film Festival (AIFF). The first edition took place in 2023, and I encourage you to watch the award-winning works. WhaSubmissions are currently open for the next edition scheduled for March 2024 in New York.

AI Film Festival

Create videos in Canva AI Magic Studio

Not to be forgotten is Canva, a well-known tool for creators, which announced a collaboration with Runway. Since October 2023, users with paid accounts can create short films based on entered text through Magic Studio – an AI toolkit for graphic and video editing.

HeyGen AI Video Generator

But that’s not all. Besides Runway and Canva, there are other tools worth considering. One of them is undoubtedly HeyGen, promoting itself with the slogan “No Camera? No Crew? No Problem!”

HeyGen AI Video Generator

Version 4.0 of HeyGen AI Video Generator allows for creating films with existing or generated AI avatars on the platform. Simply choose an avatar, add text to be read, and within a few minutes, a narrated film will be generated. There is also an option to change the language of the narration, including Polish and many less-used global languages.

Other tools, such as Deepbrain AI and Synthesia, offer similar features. It’s worth noting that many of these platforms are still in development and offer free versions or trial periods, so now is an excellent time to test them and discover the amazing possibilities they provide for visual content creators.

New jobs! AI Filmmaker and AI Film Producer?

In the past year, we’ve seen the emergence of new professions, such as Prompt Engineer. Can we expect the search for specialists and new professions like AI Film Producer, AI Filmmaker, Video Prompts Writer or AI Film Script Writer in the coming years?

The development of content creation could be fascinating but also raise concerns.

  • What new marketing skills will individuals need to possess to perform their jobs effectively?
  • How will it affect the MICE industry and event professionals?
  • What will be the consequences for the film industry and culture?
  • Will this technology inspire us or evoke concerns in marketing?

We must wait and observe what the future holds but also not lag and test the possibilities that AI brings to marketing. Read also about AI Music – how Udio and Suno change the world.

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