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Twitter recently reminded me that I’d had a profile on the platform for 12 years. In more than a decade, Twitter has changed a lot. It’s no longer just 140 characters of clear text, @ and hashtags. It is now also an increased character limit and more and more opportunities to publish multimedia. What remains unchanged is the lack of possibility to edit a published tweet.

In a previous article, I wrote about Social Audio, also Twitter offers so-called Twitter Spaces. I could share with you dozens of examples from Poland and the UK of how Twitter has significantly influenced communication in my professional life. Moreover, I dare even say that Twitter is a more important channel in the MICE industry than Facebook or my favourite Instagram. I can prove it.

Twitter: The Unsung Hero of the MICE Industry

In the days before Covid, Twitter was the first source where opinions were exchanged at trade shows, conventions or conferences. Event organisers clearly communicated the official hashtag of the event and encouraged people to use it and share their tweets.

Thanks to Twitter, it was possible to find the most important opinions and events. More than once you probably saw at various events (IMEX Frankfurt, WTM London, IBTM World Barcelona, ITB Berlin) social media walls where the most commented tweets and the most influential Twitter users were presented.

The Power of Twitter: Building Relationships and Collaborations in the Event Industry

On the other hand, active Twitter users are eager to interact, but they cannot tag @ on Twitter if the hotel, conference venue or destination does not have an account on this social media platform.

From Journalists to Influencers: How Twitter Can Boost Your Event Brand

Meet the MICE industry leaders

I remember my first experience using Twitter in Gdansk – a series of training sessions of the Tri-City Academy of Business Meeting Organiser organised by the Gdansk Convention Bureau with well-known representatives of the MICE industry. Thanks to Twitter I met David Benitez (years later we worked together in London at Jacobs Media Group – Connections Events), Rob Davidson (5 years later we met in London and I created a website for his new company MICE Knowledge), Henrik von Arnold, Linda Peirera, Ulrike von Arnold, and many more influential eventprofs.

Another example was the ICCA Research, Sales and Marketing Programme conference in Gdansk. Twitter was the ice breaker because we had our first online conversations before the conference and training started. All we had to do was introduce ourselves and the conversation went more or less like this: “Hello we met on Twitter … ” Oh yes, it’s you …

This is how I met in person ICCA Team members with Martin Sirk and Mathijs Vleeming, and also more event professionals Ruud Janssen, Bente Bratland, and many more people from all over the world.

By the way, I keep my fingers crossed for Krakow to win the organisation of the ICCA Congress in 2022. Twitter will certainly be an important and additional source of communication before and during the event.

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my Twitter 10th anniversary events MICEE industry

Relations with journalists

A sports journalist from Ireland is another example from 2011. After it was announced that the Irish national football team would be playing matches in Gdańsk during EURO 2012, he shared the information that he was going to Gdańsk in a week. He mentioned in his tweet that he would be writing press articles about this destination which is little known to the Irish people. After exchanging a few messages on Twitter, we agreed to meet.

During the whole day, I showed characteristic places in Gdańsk, hotels, tourist information and other places important from the perspective of an Irish football fan. Of course, we could not miss visiting restaurants and Brovarnia Gdańsk and tasting amber beer. The result was a very positive article in one of the more widely read Irish newspapers.

Twitter for Eventprofs: Why You Should Join the Conversation Now

That’s why I’m still trying to understand (for a decade now) why our MICE industry is so reluctant to use this promotional and relationship-building opportunity. I understand Twitter can also be associated negatively – politics, short and sometimes negative forms of expression. I also understand that communication on this platform is specific, and requires time and following whole discussion threads.

Why Twitter Should Be Your Go-To Social Media Platform for Event Marketing?

However, it doesn’t change the fact that if we’re not there, they don’t say we’re there. There are many tools, such as Brand24, that make it easier to listen to what people are saying about our brand.

Inspiration, insights, and best practices to help you succeed on Twitter

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It is never too late to start tweeting

I am also aware of the realities. After the website, Facebook, and Instagram, this is another place where you have to have a communication plan and operate this platform. On the other hand, I’ll be honest with you, I can’t imagine a person working in marketing and PR who doesn’t have a Twitter account and doesn’t analyse such conversations and engage with them if necessary. Especially if the brand promotes itself in foreign markets and cares about a positive image.

It is also a place to find B2B influencers and an opportunity to establish relationships and collaborations. I am happy to say that this is changing and more and more individuals and organisations are using Twitter.

It’s never too late to set up a profile and start communicating on Twitter. Let’s talk about it, use the hashtag #eventprofs on social media.

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